GP-PTSD—Getting Past Traumatic Stress Syndrome

I’m going to start a new acronym for PTSD. You heard me! GPTSD—Getting Past Traumatic Syndrome. It’s the place you land after years of therapy, years of spiritual search, years of recovery, years of hypnosis digging deep into your trauma, and finally landing into a place called PEACE and ACCEPTANCE OF YOURSELF.

I’m here to tell you there is a true place called GPTSD. It’s not my personal fantasy. I have helped many people find it. So, I know it’s not just my dream.

I grew up in a place that could be referred to as hell. I experienced things that I hope no one in my life would ever have to experience. I hope I experienced for you. I have gone through religion, drugs, breakup, fights with God, alcohol, 12-steps, and hypnotic Parts Therapy to find that a place called peace does exist if you work hard enough to find it.

Actually, the peace that we search for has always been there. We just have to remove all the blocks to the peace before we’re able to really get to who God created us to be. This is therapy. And I’m beginning to think that life is more about therapy than it is about anything else.

When I was tot just learning to walk, I used to think I was going to be a famous piano player and a singer. I spent hours taking long walks on the highway singing at the top of my lungs, which is why I have such a big and powerful voice now. Most people can’t believe such a strong voice can come out of such a small guy. But you try singing over an Interstate for 10 years, and you’ll understand how it happened.

I think I was only eight to ten years old when I started doing this, and I continued well into college. Only God knows why my parent wasn’t concerned. But, alas, I don’t believe he even noticed.  Then I wanted to be an optometrist. Then there was a long time I wanted to be a Broadway star. Fame was the goal.

Then it was movies and television. Then I found recording. Alas, I made it Nashville, where I started writing books, instead of recording albums; where I started teaching voice instead doing a lot of singing; where I ended up going to therapy to search for help, because I was trying to find something in my career I would never find—acceptance of myself! You see, when I was searching for a career, all I mostly found was rejection. There were some good moments of acknowledgment of my talents, but never enough to fill the huge, gaping void that was left by my childhood.

I remember the moment like it was yesterday when I realized I had taken the course of Fame vs. Finding my Authentic Self. I sang a song for over 10,000 people and received a standing ovation. It literally meant nothing. Honestly, all I could think of was the one slightly off -note in the second stanza and the low note that I barely hit. I didn’t matter that people were yelling and screaming my name, on their feet with praise. Nothing mattered but my own self-image. No one, no crowd, no amount of people in the world could give me back what was never created.

When I understood that, I gave up singing for a while and I gave up writing too. I gave up any part of my career that felt as if it were striving for attention. My prayer was one thing only: “God, how can I help the world today? In exchange for allowing myself to be used for your purpose, keep me safe from harm and sickness, clothed, and let me not have to want for anything. I’ll give my life in exchange for security—safety.” That was the pact I made with God.

From there, everyday has been an expression of trust. I wake up not knowing where my next dollar is going to come from. I wake up not knowing where I may need to go to help someone. I wake up some days with no direction at all. But the difference is, most days I’m completely at peace because I understand from whom my guidance comes.

No amount of money or advice can give you what the Unlimited Love and peace of God can give you in your heart by following your divine path. I’m not saying that I may never write another book or sing in a show or be on a sitcom or television drama. I haven’t walked down that road yet.

Am I afraid of that now? Absolutely not. I know that wherever God chooses to take me, I’m completely prepared mentally, spiritually, and technically.

You see, not only do I do my spiritual work, but I do my technical work daily. I’m prepared for almost anything. I read a lot. I listen to a lot of great advice from my wonderful friends. And I research what intrigues me. Because I know that God is in my heart creating questions. It is my duty to answer them and get more confident about what I do every day. I’m here to help people. But I don’t want to be a bad or disrespect my craft by doing less than average work on anything. I want to be the best that God has chosen for me to do. I want to be cutting edge awesome every day for Spirit God.

* * *

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Old Habits Die Slowly

Old Habits Die Slowly

Gosh, I hate to admit it, but I found myself reacting in a knee-jerk way to someone loving and wonderful a couple days ago. I felt as if everything I had been building in my life as far as spiritual gain had been drained away in a matter of seconds.


I texted a friend a great idea—something that would be perfect and wonderful for the weekend. Just the thought of the idea made me feel tingles all down my spine. I wanted it to happen so badly. But I didn’t hear back from this person for one hour, then two hours, then three hours, and by the fourth hour, an insecurity so deep took out my phone and wrote a text message quicker than I could manage stopping my texting fingers. The text said, “Well, I guess, you not answering was answer enough!”