Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Bio: BO SEBASTIAN Author, Consulting Clinical Hypnotist Boga Fitness Instructor, Vegan Chef, and Leader and Creator of Spiritual Warriors AS CONSULTING CLINICAL HYPNOTIST: Bo Sebastian proudly wears the hat of renowned, consulting, clinical hypnotist in Nashville. He has earned accolades that range from fifteen successful years in private practice, to national certification, to recently revealing his cutting-edge, dual-messaging hypnosis techniques on The Learning Channel. In 2008 he was a faculty member at the National Guild of Hypnosis World Meeting in Massachusetts. Initially, Sebastian had spent the majority of his Hypnosis practice focusing on three basic issues: Weight Loss, Smoke Cessation, and Life Coaching. AUTHOR: Bo Sebastian and Belle Bridge Books offer the first book of Bo's most recent series "Your New Story, Your New Life." VEGAN CHEF: For weight loss he develops an individual diet plan, drawing on his studies while ghostwriting a nationally known fitness book and also his own cookbook, Angel Feast (in publication process), The Protein-Powered Vegetarian, Gluten Free Vegetarian.

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