Old Habits Die Slowly

Old Habits Die Slowly

Gosh, I hate to admit it, but I found myself reacting in a knee-jerk way to someone loving and wonderful a couple days ago. I felt as if everything I had been building in my life as far as spiritual gain had been drained away in a matter of seconds.


I texted a friend a great idea—something that would be perfect and wonderful for the weekend. Just the thought of the idea made me feel tingles all down my spine. I wanted it to happen so badly. But I didn’t hear back from this person for one hour, then two hours, then three hours, and by the fourth hour, an insecurity so deep took out my phone and wrote a text message quicker than I could manage stopping my texting fingers. The text said, “Well, I guess, you not answering was answer enough!”



4 thoughts on “Old Habits Die Slowly

  1. Sorry Bo, Not enough damage for a conviction!! 😉 We all get stressed once in a while – Especially when we are so excited to share something special with someone special!! Don’t throw away all the good you do (and have done) just because you have one or two bad moments!! i.e.: Just because you eat a piece of candy doesn’t mean that you blew the last eight months of eating right….right?? Give yourself a break and I’m sure the other person will too! Hugs & thanks for sharing!! xoxo Jenn

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