I was once described as a Casanova. I always thought it meant someone who is a smooth talker. Boy, was I wrong.  Casanova was an Italian adventurer; full name Giovanni Jacopo Casanova de Seingalt. He is known for his memoirs that describe his sexual encounters and other exploits. The term, in short, should be a description of of Giovanni.

So, ladies, if you are looking for a relationship, what should you do if you meet a Casanova? Run run run. That’s right. I don’t care how cute he is, how smooth talking he is, how much he turns you on.  Run in the opposite direction. This man is out to steal your heart. And we don’t want that. (Men or Women, straight or gay, same goes for you.)

Lately, a great deal of middle aged, beautiful, intelligent straight women have been clients. They all seem to have the same problems with finding a straight man. Men their age all seem to have the same issue. They have just been divorced, don’t want commitment, and just want sex and friendship without having anyone or anything to answer to.

I definitely can relate. I know a lot of women and gay men like that too. Relationship is damn hard. There is no doubt in my mind about that. Relationship takes two people who are very compatible, very rich in compassion, willing to work out their issues with each other and maybe with a counsellor.

Let’s face it, relationship brings out our deepest fears and our worst habits. It just does. Get used to it, and you won’t be so frightened when you enter into a relationship and find out that you are faced with yourself.

Worse yet, usually first relationships are an out-picturing of one of your parents—usually the one you didn’t get along with. I know, you thought you were looking for the exact opposite, but there he/she is—exactly like your mother or father. It happens all the time. It’s a clinical syndrome.

Be patient about relationship. Today, just work on yourself and the issues that will make you a better person. You can do a vision board with all the attributes of a mate you would like to find. Cut out pictures, type out qualities, think of vacations you would like to spend together, think of the kind of work you would like to partner with. All of these things begin to germinate in your mind. Eventually, you will attract the very thing you are looking for. It’s the Law of Mind. What you think about—expresses in the world.

If you are thinking about never being good enough for a good partner, you will probably never attract someone wonderful enough for you.  This week, think positive thoughts about relationship and work diligently on yourself.




How Late Is Late?

How Late Is Late?

I am one of those guys who arrives either on time or a little early. For most of my friends who run late, it’s a little annoying. Sometimes I get to a party and the host is still at the grocery store. I’m thinking, really! Your invitation said 7 p.m. for dinner, and I’m starving. Where are the appetizers?

The host will come rushing in at five minutes after seven, not showered, start throwing things at me to prepare. And I, of course, do what I can to help. But really, is this the way we want to conduct ourselves?

When I’m teaching a yoga class and someone comes in during a meditation, and he or she snaps a mat against the floor and acts as if no one else is there, I wonder how narcissistic can a person be. I truly don’t mind if people come in during class, if they are considerate of other people’s space and energy. But this noisy crap makes me want to scream.

I’m sitting here waiting for a client right now who said that she plumb forgot she had an appointment today, and that she would be right over. Well, it has been well over 25 minutes and still no client is sitting in my chair. I had to call my next client and tell her to expect me to be later, even though I will try to only give the late client 35 minutes out of the hour. Sometimes it’s just hard to get a hypnosis session in that quickly.

If you are someone who is habitually late for things, think of the disrespect that you are causing others. Life is not just about you. If you have a problem in this area, work on it. There are plenty of psychological article written about late people that discuss that it may be hiding other issues such as depression, ADD, ADHD, and substance abuse.

The website: discusses 11 steps on how to overcome lateness. I like the ideas. They seem to be simple and an easy challenge for someone with chronic lateness.


My Grass Is Burning: the Metaphor of Nature

My Grass Is Burning: the Metaphor of Nature

At this time of year the sun gets so hot that the grass stops growing and the rain stops raining. For that reason, the grass looks brown and dead.

I always look for the metaphor that nature and life is trying to tell me. Could it be that there is a speed up going on in Spirit that we are needing to know about? Usually, this heat spell happens in August, but this year it is happening in late June. I’m wondering what August will look like.

Are we going to experience great, lush wonder, then a severe drought? Is God trying to tell us to save from the plenty so that we’ll have some to spare for the drought?

In times when there were no books and mass media, people counted on things like prophets and signs and wonders to help them with understanding what to do. Have we become blinded to these things as times have changed?

Recently Venus passed by the sun. Many spiritual people felt that was a special sign of change. As a Life Coach, I can tell you that many people were going through some heavy changes during that time. More deaths and sickness and relationship problems than I usually see in 2 weeks happened. And I saw many more tears than I normally see, as well. But most people wouldn’t notice.

We don’t consider things like full moons any more or bio energetics. If a full moon can make a tide raise to great heights, and we are made primarily of water, what is the moon doing to our body during the full moon? Is it any wonder there are times you want to howl?

I’m just saying here, that if you are low some days and don’t know why, it could be seasonal. It could be because some planet is passing the sun. It could be because of the moon. It could be because it’s about to rain. We are becoming more and more sensitive to these things as we grow spiritually, and it is highly likely that our bodies are evolving too.

I’d love to hear your experiences today with how nature speaks to your body. For me, every time it’s going to rain, I get a head ache.


Linda Died and then what?

Linda Died and Then What?

I had a great friend Linda, who has since died from complications from colon cancer. She was a lawyer and had a very deductive side to her brain, but also was very spiritual and was much like me in her thinking spiritually. We would talk for hours about death and dying and what to expect after that. She would always claim that she wasn’t afraid of dying and, in fact, looked forward to being out of this body and this world, because it was much too difficult and people and family never lived up their goodness.

When she was diagnosed with cancer, her mind changed quickly about her willingness to die. She woud call me often and tell me how precious life was and what a gift it was to just be breathing and to be healthy. I would listen carefully, because I wanted to understand what turned this staunch lawyer mind in a completely different direction about death and dying.

Our talks lasted very long at first, but as she progressed in her stage-4 cancer diagnoses, they would get shorter and shorter, until finally, our last conversation was about 5 minutes to tell me good-bye. We vowed to try to stay in touch from the other side.

This may seem strange to some of you, but the day she died, I was sleeping and something—a presence—a light—came into my room. I woke up and saw her plain as day. She was giggling, like a little girl. (She could get like that sometimes.) She wondered if I could hear her. She asked me over and over again. I kept saying, “I hear you. Can you hear me?” She laughed and said, “Yes, I do.”

But being still in lawyer mind, she needed proof. She asked me to do something like lift my hand and shake it. I did it. She laughed again. “I can’t believe this,” she replied.

Then the strangest thing happened. She said that she wanted me to find the silver bell that she gave me for Christmas 8 years prior and ring it every time I was talking to her, so she would know for sure that I saw her in the spirit. Well, I had no idea where that bell was. I hadn’t seen it in years. We talked for a while longer. I asked her what it felt like to be in spirit. She said that she felt light and free and wanted to stay with me and her family a while longer before she went to be with God. She said she was given a choice about that.

She also said that she asked to come back to the earth plain to help on this side after she was trained to do whatever she was supposed to do on the spiritual side.

I fell back to sleep. When I woke up in the morning and reached for my alarm knocking something off the nightstand. What was right next to my bed, but that silver bell—like it had been there the entire time. I’m getting chill bumps as I speak about it.

Linda doesn’t come back and talk to me as often as she used to. When she does, it is almost as if she is farther away and harder to hear, but I can still make out what she’s saying. She’s bigger and grander is the only way I can describe it. But she comes when I need her, like a guardian angel. I’d like to believe that maybe she is my guardian angel, helping me out of the toughest spots in life.

Wouldn’t it be lovely to think that people in our lives that know us the best, go on to be our guardian angels in the spiritual realm after they die? It would make the most sense to me. Who would know us better? Who would be able to help us the most?

I have put aside all that I have learned about religion and what I’m supposed to believe and just let what is happening to me in life teach me the lessons of I’m supposed to learn. I know I want Good and love and truth. I’m not forsaking God and Jesus in my search, just forsaking the books and lessons that have kept me stuck in a box my entire life. I know there is more and want that more to teach me all that It can so that I can be the best Bo I can be.

Here’s to living out of the box.


Margarine and Hydrogenated Peanut Butter

Margarine and Hydrogenated Peanut Butter

It has been a long time since I wrote about the harm in certain foods. When companies take an oil and add an atom to the oil to make it a solid and pass it off as food, it is called hydrogenation. This is not good for your body. If your peanut butter does not have the word “natural” on the label and you are still using margarine instead of butter because it’s cheaper or you think it’s better for you, please switch to butter and natural nut butters. Your heart will thank me later. And so will your taste buds.

Refined sugar is another place where we tend to just look the other way. I read a while back that if refined white sugar were to have to pass through the stringent testing food has to go through to get on the market these days, it would never pass. It is basically poisonous to the body. There are no good qualities to white sugar.

There are, however, some really good substitutes that are great for you. I use Agave Nectar. One really good attribute about agave is that it’s a fruit sugar, which processes in the body completely different than other sugars. It processes slower. If you are diabetic or sensitive to sugar, Agave is a good substitute. I have exchanged agave for all my sugar intake, and I couldn’t be happier with the taste.

MSG… look for it on the ingredients list of all the things you buy that are pre-made.  It is a silent killer and most us are allergic to it. Monosodium Glutamate was create to make meat more tender, but has been used to flavor many foods and also used as a preservative. MSG can cause anything from gastro intestinal disorder to mimic symptoms of diseases with muscular disorders. People also tell me that it can keep them wide awake at night if they are allergic to it.

In any case, stay clear of it, especially for your children’s sake.

I’d love to hear stories today of how any of the above foods effected your body.

These are just a few things you can be looking for this week. I hope you have a pleasant and blessed week. Namaste.


Little Known Facts

Little Known Facts

“Do you see this tree? It is a fir tree. It’s called a fir tree, because it gives us fur for coats. It also gives us wool in the wintertime.” These are lyrics from a song called “Little Known Facts” from the musical “You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown.”

Lucy sings the song to Linus, I believe. She sings it with ferver and dedication, telling him things about the universe and life that make sense, but are not true. Clouds make the wind blow; bugs make the grass grow. The stories are fantastic. The entire time, Charlie Brown is following them around and saying… “Hey, wait a minute… that’s not right!” But Lucy keeps teaching, Linus keeps listening.

How many Lucy’s in our lives do we know? They find a fact that is true for them, and they teach it like it is a rule and everyone must follow it or go to hell. They boast of their fervent way of keeping to their law and look pure in their own sight, but pale in comparison to the purity of a soul who walks in the authenticity of true love and compassion.

I’m not here to judge this morning. I’m here to warn. The bible says, “Blow a trumpet in Zion! Sound an alarm!” and I guess that’s what I’m doing this morning.

I want you to know that even Jesus said that in the last days that the law would be written on your heart. I want you to know that your heart is a beautiful place for God to write his pure word. If you’re listening and really want to hear, a soft clear voice will tell you what’s right and wrong. And you will need no “No-It-All” to tell you what is correct for you. Just listen.



What I Left Out

What I Left Out

By the time I finished running the race, I figured I’d better take a long break, drink lots of water and just plumb cool out. I had been training for months, 6 days on, 1 day off. Life will be odd without the hectic rush and push of trying to get everything done to get the training packed into my day. Now I feel a piece is missing from my life. I have nothing to work toward. It’s almost as if I have to immediately find something else to gather my steam for, or I’ll melt away into the nothingness that slowly gathers around me.

Does that story sound familiar?

I hear this story often in my sessions. Clients seem to do whatever they can to run away from silence and peace. This happens particularly after something cataclysmic changes their lives in a big way. It seems like everything that could heal a person (God, Spirit, silence, meditation, peace) is exactly what they run away from.

I have a friend I spoke with recently who told me that she is an empty-nester. She likes to fill her life up with lots of activities. Especially since she just broke up with her boyfriend of 1 1/2 years. Now what is there to come home to but silence?

Trust me, within that silence there is a world of wisdom, power and truth that Spirit wishes to tether you to. If you don’t engage spirit in meditation and silence, you simply won’t move forward in life and in relationship. In the silence there is peace. In the silence there is unspoken joy. In the silence Spirit it removes us from the past and prepares us for our next perfect stage in life.

Bite down hard and resist all desire to fight what is needed in your life. From this silence comes a new birth.